Sixty Strong & Sexy: Women Share Their Secrets

This book explodes some of the myths about a magical age that promises so much

Although there are now many women in their sixties who entertain us, inspire us and hold positions of power and influence, the information about ordinary 'bread-and-butter' women is a well-kept secret.

From their wealth of expertise as health professionals in nursing, caring, education and management of the odd sideline as a tourism operator, the authors have had the priviledge of sharing the life experiences of many such women. They found their humour, resilience and insight a revelation, and that being a sexagenarian can be both fulfilling and exciting

To confirm their perception about this cohort of women, the authors canvassed a gamut of issues with a focus on their everyday quality of life, family relationships, general happiness, health, social life, creativity, and not forgetting our all important sexuality, spiritual life and attitude to old age.

The book is liberally sprinkled with quotes from these women as well as quotes from the wise and the witty. The reader also listens in to real-life conversations between women who are exploring their life issues. The vitality, insights and 'love of life' demonstrated in this book are truly inspirational.

This book is for every woman in or approaching her sixties and for those who love them.


  • Their insights and bouyancy act as great advertisements for growing "older", not old as they insist. Even five years ago, I suspect I would have been impressed but much less touched by the depth of their observations. Now, they speak to me with elloquence.

    Geraldine Doogue AO

  • It's very positive and it will help others who feel that aging is stopping them. A different positive outlook on life!

    Rachael Torpy, Radiographer
    (Brisbane, Australia)

  • Sixty Strong and Sexy is filled with practical wisdom and insightful dialogue and peppered with the most delightful humor. I laughed out loud so often on the plane, I had everyone craning their necks to see what I was reading. I simply loved it, and want to give a copy to all my women friends who are 'sage-ing', as you call this wisdom filled time of life. As you point, it is a time to be lived to the fullest, a time where we can choose how to fill our time, whether that is with projects we love, more time with our partners, grandkids, part time work or cheeky friends.

    Joan Heartfield, PhD.
    Author of Romancing The Beloved,
    A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love



Sixty Strong & Sexy: Women Share Their Secrets is now available at no cost in CD form for vision impaired people, from the library of Vision Australia, phone: 02 93343524

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