A LOVE STORY - Maureen Smith ©

This is about a young couple who met in 1942, during WW11. He was a soldier - she a radio announcer. From the moment he saw her he was smitten. Of course, he asked her out and she accepted. They enjoyed each other's company going on bike rides, picnics and visiting the local beauty spots around Cairns. However, their happy time was cut short as he was transferred to another town. Distance and the war proved too much of a challenge for them to continue seeing each other. He was miserable, she just got on with her life, dating other soldiers and doing her job. She wrote him a 'Dear John' letter and he was devastated. So much so he asked for a transfer to New Guinea and wrote back to her telling her he never wanted to see her again. Was that the end of a blossoming love affair?

After the war was over, they didn't meet again. They both married someone else, had children, and built a happy life without each other.

Do I hear you say "where's the love story?" Well, just read on.

Many years later the young soldier, now a mature man and successful architect, travelled with his wife to Cairns for a holiday. Curious to see if his former girlfriend was still in the town, he went through the phone book and found her family name and phoned. And in true Hollywood style who should answer the phone? Of course, the love of his life from his youth. She was at the family home cleaning it out after her parents' death. Of course, a reunion was organized, and the two couples met and became friends.

Yes, I know, the love story will happen. Be patient. As the years passed, her husband died and being a resilient woman, she carried on. But when his wife died, he became depressed, and life had no meaning for him. However, the couple found each other again, and her friendship and care gave him a new lease of life. They saw each other often, attended shows, travelled, and spoke about their mutual passion for books and the arts. Their deep friendship developed into true love, and they decided to marry. They lived happily together enjoying their lives until his death in his 90s.

© Maureen Smith

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