The symptoms of old age can approach with the relentless, if sometimes quieter force, of a Tsunami. It may be brutally marked one day by catching yourself unexpectedly in the mirror for what seems like the first time, and noticing a face that looks more like crushed tissue paper than the soft rose you remembered.

While still in our scrumptious sixties we were categorised by some, rather euphemistically, as Young Old. However, after crossing the invisible threshold into our 8th decade (i.e. our seventies) and beyond we start to move into a different category of 'Old Old'.

There was a time when we believed the Biblical adage, "three score years and ten". Now in the 21st century this has been rewritten to be "fourscore years and more".

Our books introduce you to the what we like to call the LOTTELs, that is, Lots Of Time To Enjoy Life, as well as other wide ranging topics including sexuality. Yes, we still enjoy doing 'it'.