You may find these links and books inspiring

The Keys To Feminine Power - Awakening the three power bases of the new co-creative feminine.


Saida Désilets - Leading-edge insights on women's health, sensuality, sexuality, & relationships


Liz Byrski - Liz Byrski is an author and broadcaster and has written many inspiring books about older women.


Womankind Magazine - Womankind magazine, heralding a new era for women.



Jacinta Parsons, A QUESTION OF AGE - Women, ageing and the forever self.
Harper Collins. ISBN 10: 0733342167

Jane Juska, A ROUND-HEELED WOMAN - My Late-Life Adventures in Sex & Romance.
Published by Vintage 2004.

Gail Sheehy, SEX AND THE SEASONED WOMAN - Pursuing the Passionate Life.
Published by Ballantine Books 2007.

Natalie Anglier, WOMAN: An Intimate Geography
Published by Scribe Publications Pty Ltd, 2009.