December 2022 - Dadirri

Words of wisdom can be an inspiration and we offer you the words of Aboriginal elder, storyteller, writer, teacher and Senior Australian of the Year 2021, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, a woman Maureen had the pleasure to know while living at Daly River, Northern Territory.

August 2022 - Bringing Home The Gold

With the closing of the Commonwealth Games it seems timely to offer my story of 'Bringing Home the Gold'. Enjoy.

June 2022 - Funerals

As I get older, I attend funerals as frequently as I did weddings in my 20s. I have noticed that over the years the way funerals are conducted has changed. It was once the province of the Church to conduct a funeral service, followed by a burial or cremation. Today, many funerals are presided over by a celebrant or a family member, and if a cremation, at the crematorium's chapel. Everything is done, it seems to me, to make the occasion as painless as possible. The coffin, festooned with flowers is already at the front of the church or chapel as the mourners arrive. After the ceremony, usually accompanied by a slide show of happy family times, the coffin is left in place, to be dealt with later, while the family and friends retire to another room to be fed and watered. This is supposed to be 'closure', however the family's pain continues, despite the sanitary way we deal with death. Maybe it could be done in a different way. Recently I was privileged to be at one of the most moving funerals I have ever attended. I share it with you in our short story page.

May 2022 - A Love Letter To Harry

I often wonder how we can fill ourselves with wonder and awe and it occurred to me that maybe love is one of the ways to do that. Our short story this month is about love, however, it comes with a surprise. Enjoy! Love to hear your thoughts on love.

March 2022 - Things That Go Bump In The Night

Nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals sometimes work in difficult circumstances to serve the community, especially during the pandemic. Those who receive their care consider them heroes and sometimes forget they need to 'get away from it all'. This month's story is about a nurse who despite her PTSD doesn't lose her sense of humour when she does finally 'get away'.

February 2022 - A Love Story

Valentine's day has a dubious history, but in modern times we are surrounded by love hearts and offers to buy something to tell someone special we love them. Commercialism aside we can't escape the theme of Valentine's Day, i.e., Love. This month's short story is a true love story with a difference. Hopefully it will warm your heart.

January 2022 - Australia Day 2022

What do you think about Australia Day? There are many differing opinions about whether we should celebrate or mourn. It would be wonderful if we could all celebrate being Australian whatever the date. This month's piece introduces a remarkable Indigenous woman who has much to offer to us all. Read about her and be inspired.

December 2021 - Christmas

Joan and Maureen wish all our readers, friends, followers a very happy and peaceful Christmas. This month's short story is, of course, a Christmas story and maybe some of you will enjoy the nostalgia.

November 2021 - From Bud To Flower

Growing up is an exciting and challenging time for young teens. They face changes in their body and emotions run rampart. This story is from a different perspective of the things that happen in a young girl's body. Hope you enjoy it. Maureen

October 2021 - Lockdown 2021

This month with lockdown weighing heavily on everyone's mind and the big topic of conversation in the political scene, we look at one woman's experience and how she (and her cat) is dealing with it. Our worlds have become smaller but that's no reason to not appreciate what we have. Hope you enjoy the story and maybe it will inspire.

August 2021 - On Wordlessness

David, a videographer based in Adelaide, is a new author on Marjobooks. One of his many skills is in developing the importance of becoming aware of the stories that influence our lives.

Ever wondered about the connection between words and pen?

In his Short Story "Wordlessness", David Salomon takes us on a delightful reminiscence of the fountain pen. We hope you enjoy his charming humour as much as we do.

July 2021 - The Lady in the Park

What do you think when you see an older person? Do you notice them or are they invisible to your eyes? People often think older people are sick, frail, sad and lonely. Maybe some are, but most older people are enjoying their life and have many interests. Like all of us they have their ups and downs, but let's see older people through a different lens, and recognise the person they really are. This month's short story is about how a younger person misjudged a older lady in the park.

June 2021 - Dancing Delights

Addiction can start in the most insidious of ways. It is a monster that creeps up, promises so much, then grabs by the throat and finally destroys. This month's story is the sad tale of how it seduced a fifteen-year-old girl.

May 2021 - Jimmy

May 2021 is the 81st anniversary of the Evacuation of Dunkirk, or as it's been called The Miracle of Dunkirk. This month's story told through the eyes of a cat called Lucky, is about Jimmy a 14-year-old boy who like many other boys of that time, because of the experience of war, became a man before his time. I don't condone or glorify war, to me its abhorrent. However, its useful to remember that during hard times, like war, drought or even a pandemic, people can still shine. Hope you enjoy this story.

April 2021 - Buddha and the Buffalo

While living in the Northern Territory I had many interesting experiences. I shared my life with snakes, wild buffalo, crocodiles, dingoes and many other creatures who were not as fearsome. This month's story is about an experience I had with a buffalo. Hope you enjoy it. Maureen

March 2021 - The Innocents

This story is topical, given the events of the past weeks. It can also be a challenging read, but we believe discussion around the subject is needed. The story is about what the contents of a young woman's handbag saw, heard and felt during a horrific incident.