Behind the Label

The Naked Truth

Behind the Label: The Naked Truth, is a lighthearted look at fashion. It exposes the way clothes affect our lives. This happens both personally as we use our clothes for fun, power and subjugation, and environmentally as our clothes daily contribute to the destruction of our planet. Clothing is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Every 10 minutes in NSW alone we dump 6,000kg of used clothing to landfill.

Behind the Label: The Naked Truth takes you on an eye-opening, high speed journey from the past into the future.

What is this clothing world about? What is behind the label?

Behind the Label: The Naked Truth asks: Do clothes really make us happy, confident, powerful? Or is it something else? Are clothes needed when being kind? When comforting a child at 3.00am? While making love? Or do they hide our fear? Do clothes kill our creativity as we comply with culture, tradition and fashion?

Behind the Label: The Naked Truth is both timely and right on target. This book helps us rethink our connection to clothing and its relationship to the planet.