Peace & Harmony: Re-envisioning Sexuality Education

Achieving Universal Harmony through Spiritual Sexuality

Sexuality is an intensely private subject. We can discuss the movie we saw, even the state of our bowels; however, the powerful sexual energy, that wonderful life giving energy, flowing through all of us must remain our secret. Peace and Harmony lifts the veil of secrecy and explores what is hidden and distorted in knowledge about sex. It also presents a new paradigm for sexuality education and considers the implications for society and offers a conclusion.


  • An intelligent and reader-friendly book, there is little doubt that this is a highly insightful work that deserves to be widely read. The central theme of the book is that there exists an important connection amongst war and peace and sex. In essence the heightened consciousness of human sexuality is one and the same as the enlightened consciousness of peace. To educate the mind to sacred sex and wholeness is tantamount to have educated the empathetic heart capable of embracing peace and harmony. This is a book of imaginative wisdom and should not be missed.

    Dr. Ronald S. Laura (D. Phil, Oxford),
    Professor in Education, The University of Newcastle