For too long older women have been invisible, devalued and cast aside. It's now time to dispense with the stereotypical care, repair and despair attitude and allow older women to be seen as vibrant, vigorous and vivacious.

Contrary to popular belief the majority of older women are physically, socially and mentally active, even into their nineties, and some even as centenarians. Much has been written about the ageing process and the associated diseases. Much less has been written about how older people, especially women, feel, live their lives and positively manage the ageing process.

There are times in ones life when we encounter individuals who are remarkable but also very ordinary, exceptional yet down to earth. With these thoughts in mind we sought out older women from Australia and New Zealand and listened to what they had to say. They were easy to find as older, vibrant women are everywhere.

We meet them during the course of our daily lives and travel throughout Australia and New Zealand. The women were happy to share their thoughts and were frank, open and honest. Only two asked for a pseudonym to be used (for the sake of their family). Living a long life means there is much to tell, so we offer you a 'glimpse' into their lives. These women are not celebrities and consider themselves to be 'ordinary women', nonetheless we believe there is a little of the 'extraordinary' in each of them.

Whatever YOUR age meet these vibrant, vigorous and vivacious women and be inspired!