To my body ...

Today is the day. FSH and LH told me to get going and do my work. So, as you are now a teenager, it's time for me to burst forth and transform you from a little bud into a fully open flower. I'll take it slowly at first, so as not to frighten you, then I won't be able to control myself and will keep going until your blossom is mature. When I do, your life will change forever - there will be no going back. I wonder if you will welcome me or spurn me? It's of no consequence I must do what I've been created for; to turn you from a little girl into a woman. We'll have forty years together, and when I'm spent, I will sadly leave you.

I'll give you many gifts. Your skin will glow, and wispy hair will appear in places you're not expecting. In your chest little buds will form, they will be sore at first and eventually will blossom into full round breast, and you'll finally treasure them, for they won't just be beautiful, but later, very useful. Your little olive shaped ovaries are full of eggs and have been since you were born, they will start popping out and making their way, one by one through your fallopian tubes to your pear-shaped uterus. This is part of the miracle of life and to prepare for the settling of a fertilized egg, a soft warm bed of nutrient rich blood will line your uterus, and if it is not needed, the egg and blood will just flow away. There will be some discomfort before this happens, and you'll probably wonder why life is so hard for a girl. But don't fret, being a woman is the most precious and magical thing one can be.

In a few years your feelings for boys will change from thinking they are smelly, rough nuisances to being very desirable. There will be a special one of your choosing and a feeling of warmth and wanting to be very close to him will overcome you. Beware my precious little bud for at that time your body might be ready for conception, but it's wise to wait until your mind is also ready.

I wish you happiness and a long life my dear, so here we go ...

With Love from your body's best friend, Oestrogen

PS: By the way, I'm a very important hormone.

Maureen Smith ©