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Joan is an award winning
and inspiring speaker

Her topics include but are not limited to:

  • Stirring the Sleeping Synapses of the Brain
  • Sacred Sexuality - Life is Sexually Transmitted
  • The Feminine Principle - How We are Part of and connected to Mother Earth




The Practical Book Of Ceremonies for the Southern Hemisphere

Are you at a turning point in your life?

This book offers a glimpse into the world of ceremony and how the right ceremony for you can bring clarity, joy, and transformation. Ceremonies, or rites of passage as they are sometimes called, have been often shut out of our lives.

This book revisits Ceremonial possibilities.

The Practical Book of Ceremonies for the Southern Hemisphere will help you create new possibilities.

"I have enjoyed your book immensely, I loved your open, honest and soulful response to peoples need for ritual and ceremony in their lives, and the descriptions of the ceremonies in the book are inspiring. So refreshing to hear examples of how your intuitive, serendipitous, open and fluid approach has influenced your decision making for these life enhancing experiences, and what a difference these experiences has made to people as they transition from one phase of life to another."

Be inspired, be set free and be welcomed to a new trend where kindness is considered first.

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Welcome to Marjobooks SHORT STORIES. As well as our magnificent books we are now publishing FREE online short stories. Each month a new one will appear, there is one waiting for you now, just click on SHORT STORIES. Please remember these stories are copyright to the author, so cannot be reproduced without the permission of Marjobooks.

This month's story: Lockdown 2021

This month with lockdown weighing heavily on everyone's mind and the big topic of conversation in the political scene, we look at one woman's experience and how she (and her cat) is dealing with it. Our worlds have become smaller but that's no reason to not appreciate what we have. Hope you enjoy the story and maybe it will inspire.

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Last month's story: On Wordlessness

David, a videographer based in Adelaide, is a new author on Marjobooks. One of his many skills is in developing the importance of becoming aware of the stories that influence our lives.

Ever wondered about the connection between words and pen?

In his Short Story "Wordlessness", David Salomon takes us on a delightful reminiscence of the fountain pen. We hope you enjoy his charming humour as much as we do.

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