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Joan is an award winning
and inspiring speaker

Her topics include but are not limited to:

  • Stirring the Sleeping Synapses of the Brain
  • Sacred Sexuality - Life is Sexually Transmitted
  • The Feminine Principle - How We are Part of and connected to Mother Earth



A change of pace from Marjobooks', inspirational, life changing and unique books. Their latest book is a novel about a resilient woman who changes her outlook on life after visiting the Northern Territory. Set in Sydney, Darwin and Daly River Northern Territory. With her you will encounter the unusual flora and fauna, including crocodiles, the spectacular Daly River, famous for its barramundi fishing, meet Indigenous people who live and work there, and of course find out the secrets of the Banyan Tree.

To find out more, follow this link to Secrets of the Banyan

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The Power and Wisdom
of Crone Ceremonies...

As we journey through life, there comes a time when we step into the role of the Crone, a revered archetype symbolizing wisdom and experience. Crone Ceremonies are emerging as powerful rituals that honour and celebrate this transformative phase of a woman's life.

In ancient cultures, the Crone represented the stage of life where women embraced the fullness of their wisdom, embodying the qualities of insight, intuition, and deep understanding.

Crone Ceremonies have a unique ability to create meaning and bring about transformative experiences. They invite participants to acknowledge and release the societal expectations of youth, and embrace the inherent power and beauty gained through the passage of time. These rituals include elements such as storytelling, reflection, meditation, and symbolic gestures, together they create a profound connection to self and community.

Crone Ceremonies honour the legacies that women leave behind, highlighting the impact they have made on their families, communities, and the world. These ceremonies serve as a reminder of the collective wisdom and the profound contributions that older women bring to society.

Crone Ceremonies remind us that with each passing year, we gain immeasurable insights and gifts, as we contribute to a more vibrant and enriched world for generations to come. They provide a sacred space for women to honour their wisdom, embrace their journey, and celebrate the power of womanhood.


Welcome to Marjobooks SHORT STORIES. As well as our magnificent books we are now publishing FREE online short stories. Each month a new one will appear, there is one waiting for you now, just click on SHORT STORIES. Please remember these stories are copyright to the author, so cannot be reproduced without the permission of Marjobooks.

This Month's Story

Apologies for no short story this month. Maureen has been busy publishing her debut novel SECRETS OF THE BANYAN. It's a cracker of a book and will keep you reading for days.

Last Month's : Dadirri

Words of wisdom can be an inspiration and we offer you the words of Aboriginal elder, storyteller, writer, teacher and Senior Australian of the Year 2021, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, a woman Maureen had the pleasure to know while living at Daly River, Northern Territory.

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